Training Sessions

Horizon offers a series of free seminars to get you going with your new Mac or iPad, as well as One-on-One Training Sessions that help you do what you want with your Apple device.

Book a one-on-one session today!

Get all of the help you need. Whether you’re learning how to use your Mac or iPad for a first time or you need help with a project, we can get you on the right track. Here are some ways a One-on-One can help you:

  • Learn the basics to get started on your Mac or iPad
  • Learning more about syncing your devices and iCloud
  • Get help in a specific app like iMovie, iPhoto, or Numbers
  • Learn how your Mac or iPad can make your projects even easier

Training rates

In-store one-on-one $89.95/hr
40m In-store one-on-one $49.95*
On-site training $119.95/hr

*This 40 min In-Store One-on-One Training Special from Horizon must be purchased within 30 days of the device purchase date.